Pirate Pete is a British animated web series. Produced by a group of artists without funding or a studio environment, The short was released in August 2017. Writers for news sites praised the show as being creative and unique from other pirate themed shows. The show was based off the book Pirate Pete by Kim Kennedy and illustrated by Doug Kennedy in 2002. The show got a Mockbuster called Jack the Pirate. Jack the Pirate got criticized for being a rip off of Pirate Pete.

Production and Release Edit

Pirate Pete was produced by a group of British artists who, according to Gary Oak of Cartoon Brew, are "enthusiastic animation friends" working against "tacky" and "trite" animated television series. While the short was released in August 2017 on several video sites, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion and ZippCast. Beginning with the third episode of the series, the show is fully funded through Patreon.

Cast Edit

  • Brian Austad as Pete
  • Brayden Austad as James Norrington
  • WIP

Episodes Edit

No. Title Original Release Date
1 Pete's Adventure Begins August 30, 2017
2 Lost in a Storm August 31, 2017
3 The Crazy Day September 1, 2017
4 The Evil Corporation September 2, 2017
6 The Gold Thief October 5, 2017

Reception Edit

On Western-based sites, Pirate Pete received universal praise from critics. Reviewer John Acreburg said that "Pirate Pete has a very interesting plot and super sharp dialogue."

In England, Pirate Pete also received critical praise. British Reviewer Michael Afton said that "Pirate Pete is one of the best animated web series that I have ever seen."