Episode title is the 6th episode of Season 1 of Pirate Pete. It is the 6th Episode overall.

Synopsis Edit

Pete and James Norrington have to catch Mittie the Gold Thief.

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Pete is summoned by Lord BertieChap of the East India Trading Company and is offered gold if he can catch the infamous Mittie the Gold Thief. Pete accepts this offer (Because he wants the gold, of course) and sets off to find the thief.

He is told that the thief is at Shipwreck Island. But when they get there, the thief is gone! Pete tells his parrot Polly to disguise himself as a new agent for the thief. The parrot is told by the thief to go to the cramped bathroom on the plane. Polly tells him that the thief is headed to Candy Island. Pete heads off to Candy Island to catch the thief.

When Pete arrives the thief is stealing some gold. Pete and Norrington fight the thief and, because Mittie is too busy fighting Pete and Norrington to fly the plane, the plane crashes. Pete takes the gold and the thief back to Fort Charles.

Bertie, as he promised gives Pete the gold. Pete heads off and Bertie gives them his farewell. The thief is thrown in jail with the other two prisoners. The prisoners ask Mittie what he is in for, ending the episode.

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Supporting Characters Edit

  • Polly The Parrot

Minor Characters Edit

  • BertieChap
  • Cutler Beckett

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